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Cow Statues Decked Out for the Holidays

Md. Agriculture Department unsure who's behind the decorations



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    Since 1987, two stone cows have been in place at the entrance and exit to Maryland's Department of Agriculture headquarters building, and for more than a decade, those cows have been involved in a mystery.

    Beginning about 2000, a mystery decorator has been dressing the the two up, Agriculture officials said. Depending on the time of year, the cows might be wearing Santa hats, ghost costumes or graduation caps.

    "They might be dressed as Uncle Sam for Fourth of July. We've had a bride and groom dressed around June... the usual holidays, Christmas, Easter, sometimes at the start of school and the start of summer," Mary Ellen Setting, a worker in the Department of Agriculture, told WBAL-TV.

    Currently the two are adorned with shamrock necklaces for St. Patrick's Day.

    There was apparently some confusion earlier this year after snowman costumes were removed. But according to WBAL, the department said those were just removed because drivers were concerned the sheets could fly into oncoming traffic. In fact, the department enjoys the costumed cows as much as the area residents.

    "It's a surprise when we drive to the building each day," Oberg said. "Easter's just around the corner, so let's wait and see."

    As far as the mystery decorator; the department, if it knows, isn't revealing anything.

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