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Campaign Cake Knife Gets 5th Grader Suspended



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    Sharing with classmates encouraged -- using a knife to do so -- not quite.

    Whoever thought that a fifth grader could get suspended for bringing a cake to school?

    Well, it wasn't the cake but rather the knife to cut the cake that landed 11-year-old Kasia Haughton in trouble.

    Don't worry -- this story has a happy ending.

    Kasia was suspended so her mother Kenyesta got in touch with NBCPhiladelphia to tell their story.

    Here is what went down according to the Haughton family.

    The go-getting Kasia brought two cakes to school to help out her campaign for fifth-grade mayor at the Leasure Elementary School in Newark, Del. Kids like cake so it makes sense that a tasty treat could help get Kasia some votes.

    A key to campaigning is to reach as many voters as possible. To make sure that everyone got cake, Haughton's grandmother included plates, napkins and a knife to make sure each classmate could get some cake.

    The knife was so that the teacher could cut up slices for Kasia's classmates.

    The cake was cut, the students were served, when the teacher noticed something amiss -- the young candidate had brought a knife to school.

    School officials were called to investigate the matter. They found that Kassia brought a "deadly weapon" into the school, so the 11-year-old was suspended and faced possible expulsion.

    Per protocol school officials also contacted Delaware State Police about the incident.

    In a matter of minutes Haughton went from student government candidate to possibly being kicked out of school.

    The action seemed to be an overzealous interpretation of the school's weapons policy.

    "I started crying because I didn't understand what was going on -- I didn't think it was that serious," said Kenyesta Haughton.

    Obviously the grandmother felt bad for including a knife in the bag with the cake. Kasia didn't even know it was in there, according to her family.

    NBC Philadelphia reached out to the Christiana School District to seek comment.

    The Haughton's got action soon after NBC contacted the school district. With a phone call from the school district to the Haughton's all was forgiven.

    "This incident has been resolved due to a technical error... although this was an unfortunate incident for all concerned, it does underscore the need for students, parents, and community members to understand that it is never acceptable to have dangerous instruments or weapons in a school building at any time," said Manager of Communications/Public Information Christiana School District Wendy Lapham.

    No criminal action will be taken in the case, said Delaware State Police Friday.

    Now the question is if Kasia will win her election. And, if she wins will she celebrate with cupcakes instead?