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Best Obama Collectible Ever

Original, hand-painted plates for sale



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    The best Obama memorabilia may be just a click away...

    You've seen the Barack Obama collectibles being sold on TV infomercials, right?

    You know, the ones where Obama's name and a patriotic eagle are sloppily painted over an actual coin? Someone calls it a limited edition and wants you to shell out two easy payments of $29.99 plus shipping and handling.

    But what if you could have a unique, hand-painted Barack Obama plate signed by the artist for just $10?

    Incredible you say?  Better than the Shamwow?

    Now now, nothing could be that good (remember, the Shamwow is made by Germans).  These delightful slices of kindergarten-esque Americana are made of paper.

    Who knows? If it’s not the flashy display piece you were hoping for, you could always punch some eye holes and wear it as a mask during inauguration festivities. The secret service and various other law enforcement entities would probably enjoy that.'s your chance to own a piece of presidential history: Click here to check out the best inauguration deal out there.

    You can thank us later.