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Stafford Deputies Confront Black Man Wearing KKK Robe at Target: Police

Virginia authorities say a black man seen wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood at a Virginia shopping center told sheriff’s deputies he was performing a social experiment.

  • animal Mar 29, 2019

    Yikes! Skunk Gets Head Stuck in Bud Light Can

    A skunk brewed up some trouble when it got its head stuck in a beer can, according to animal control officers in Billerica, Massachusetts. The skunk was picked up Thursday by animal control officers on Lucille Drive and taken to Tufts Wildlife Center where it had to be sedated in order to have the can removed from its head. A...

  • Southern California Mar 29, 2019

    Watch: Kangaroo Rat Delivers a Ninja-Like Spinning Kick to Drop Rattlesnake

    High-speed video from researchers in Southern California reveals the surprising power of the a little desert rodent’s reflexes and stunning combination of strength and agility. Unable to jump clear of a snake’s ambush strike, the kangaroo rat unveils one more line of defense — a twisting leg kick that knocks the snake to the groun...
  • Supreme Court Mar 29, 2019

    Australian Man Loses Bullying-by-Farting Court Case

    An Australian appeals court on Friday dismissed a bullying case brought by an engineer who accused his former supervisor of repeatedly breaking wind toward him. The Victoria state Court of Appeal upheld a Supreme Court judge’s ruling that even if engineer David Hingst’s allegations were true, flatulence did not necessarily constitute bu...
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