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5,000 Pounds of Pot Found on Fake School Bus

Estimated value, $1.7 million



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    Dept. of Public Safety
    DPS troopers find more than 5,000 pounds of marijuana in a fake school bus.

    Parents, look twice before you board your kids on the big yellow bus -- it could be carrying more than just students.

    Texas Highway Patrol troopers made a massive pot bust north of Laredo this weekend, busting a fake school bus that didn't have any students on board -- but was toting 5,408 pounds of marijuana.

    Troopers stopped a school bus marked to resemble a United Independent School District bus on U.S. 59. as it rumbled down the highway this weekend, expecting to find a busload of students.

    Instead, they nabbed the humongous stash of marijuana, worth an estimated $1.7 million.

    Unfortunately, the driver didn't stick around and ran away as troopers searched the bus.

    The Department of Public Safety is pursuing several leads in the case.