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Using an Old SmarTrip Card? You Might Need a New One Soon

Anyone with a SmarTrip card obtained prior to 2012 will need to get a replacement

SmartTrip Card

The Metro will upgrade its faregates later this year to be more efficient and reliable in June. As a result, SmarTrip cards obtained prior to 2012 with old chip technology will no longer work with the new faregates.

Those who need to replace their SmarTrip card can do so here.

People who need a replacement can also mail in their SmarTrip cards and have their balances transferred to a new card. The Metro will mail back a new card within 10 business days, and also include at $5 value to use in the system.

Those who wish to mail in their SmarTrip cards can download this form to get started.

Those who need to replace a SmarTrip card can also do so in person at the Metro Sales Office located at the Metro Center Station. The office is available to replace cards in person Tuesday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

SmartBenefits participants can’t yet transfer balances online to a new SmarTrip card.

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