What to Do With Your Tech Trash

Donate to a nonprofit or good cause:

  • Goodwill - Resells or recycles old electronics.
  • Salvation Army - Resells or recycles old electronics.
  • Wireless Foundation - All donated phones are sent to our logistical partner, ReCellular, Inc., where they are either refurbished and sold, or recycled.
  • Local police- Check with your local jurisdiction for a donation center near you. Here's the link for where to donate in DC.
  • Cristina.org - A nonprofit organization that matches donated computer equipment with needy schools and nonprofit organizations around the world.

Sell online:

  • Ecosquid.com - Finds matching offers from numerous buyers and allows you to select the best deal.
  • Ebay.com - Place to sell your electronics.

Trade in for a gift card:

  • Best Buy - Its trade-in programs give you a variety of ways to receive a Best Buy gift card (or a check for a lesser value) for your used electronics
  • Target - The NextWorth trade-in program allows you to trade-in your new or used electronics for a Target GiftCard!
  • RadioShack - Trade-in your electronics and receive a RadioShack gift card.


  • Check with your local wireless carrier store. Many have drop-boxes for your old cell phones
  • Office Depot - Fill up a Tech Recycling Box with acceptable items to be recycled (for a fee).
  • Staples -  We offer free recycling service programs to our customers for mobile phones, PDAs, pagers, digital cameras, and chargers through our partner Collective Good.
  • Ban.org - Helps you find a responsible e-cycler close to you.
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