The Cultural Side of Digital Capital Week

Digital Capital Week begins runs through June 20 at sites across the city, and its topics and themes are spot-on—from connecting tech-savvy Washingtonians to projects on app development for mobile phones to sessions on the state of the media. The 10-day affair, inevitably, involves lots of sitting—workshops, listening sessions, demonstrations, networking events—but there’s also public art, parties, open studios and music.

Some days of the festival are dedicated to single topics, like news-publishing platforms and social media. CityCampDC, tomorrow and Sunday, looks at issues specific to D.C. neighborhoods. The festival is an ambitious undertaking, and organizers Frank Gruber and Peter Corbett—of Shiny Heart Ventures and iStrategy Labs, respectively—pulled it all together in just a few months.

And the goal is admirable: to drive innovation, particularly among private entrepreneurs in a city where government is the biggest business, Gruber says. Much of the action has a cultural drive, like a lab session mapping graffiti throughout the city, as well as a 10-day “innovation lab” in an unused library on H Street NE.

There are more than 100 events happening throughout the week if you want to attend mostly for the fun and art, and don’t need a new gig or project.  A few events require an RSVP. A few arts- and culture-related highlights:

The Cultural Side of Digital Capital Week was originally published by Washington City Paper on Jun 11, 2010

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