Google Says D.C. Uses Internet to … Learn?

Top 10 local Web searches unveiled

Google just put out its top search results for 2009, an included a D.C-centric edition to boot.

The top local search result of 2009 in the D.C. area? Drum roll, please...

"fcps blackboard"

How lame is that? With all of the time-killers available to us on the Internet, the top local search request was for a site that allows Fairfax County Public Schools students, parents and teachers to "view class calendars, explore links to enrichment activities and much more."

Come on! There's no learnin' on the Internet! Get with it, people!

So how did Google go about compiling the top local searches? Their method explained:

To compile these local lists, we found the most popular searches for each selected city and then ranked them based on how unique they were to that city. A query is "unique" if it is disproportionately popular in a particular city compared to the rest of the country. This method explains why popular local searches (for example, for a specific movie theatre) may appear higher than a term for which people across the country are searching (for example, for a regional sports team).

There are some other interesting D.C.-only searches among the top 10, including "national harbor," "e street cinema" and "nationals baseball," which appeared on the list while "fire snyder" did not. At least they didn't type "natinals" ...

Oh, and a special shout-out to those who called up Google and entered in "wtop news" into the search engine instead of heading straight to WTOP Radio's site. Maybe the station needs to mention "" on air more often?

Google's Washington D.C. Top 10

  1. fcps blackboard
  2. national harbor
  3. e street cinema
  4. nova community college
  5. wtop news
  6. wmata
  7. nationals baseball
  8. dc restaurant week
  9. washington sports club
  10. leesburg outlets
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