Do iPhones and Congressional Staffers Mix?

Secure connections could mean more iPhone sales on Cap Hill

Let's see, we can use our iPhones to post trivial updates to Facebook, play a rousing game of Scramble and to make sure our desks at the office are level. Nothing like good ergonomics!

Hmmm... what's missing?  How about being able to open high-level, security-encrypted Congressional e-mails while drunk at Jumbo Slice at 3 a.m.?  Brilliant!

Patience, preppy young grasshopper, patience. Your time is near.

Yes, thanks to a company called Good Technology, the days of having crucial government e-mails ignored due to an intense game of Doodle Jump are almost here.

The company is talking with the House and Senate about implementing its yet-to-be released Mobile Messaging security service on Capitol Hill so staffers can have their iPhone and pretend like they're using it for work, too, according to The Hill.

“We think this is a game-changer,” [Good Technology CEO and President Brian Bogosian] said. “The more demand we get from staffers and members of Congress … to support secure messaging on their iPhones, I’m sure the sergeant at arms and the [House] IT staff are going to want to accelerate internal testing and get this deployed as quickly as possible.

“If there’s demand for iPhones within the Congress, which we’re told, very resoundingly, that there is, it’s our plan to make this available for deployment as rapidly as the internal IT department of the Congress would be available to launch it.”

Another way for government officials to ignore pressing issues like health care and the economy in order to oogle over hot co-workers' profile pics? Brilliant!

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