O Chili Dog iPhone App, Where Art Thou?

Rumors of a Ben’s Chili Bowl iPhone app contest

Half smokes, chili dogs and bowls of chili at 3 a.m. What else do you need from Ben’s Chili Bowl?

How about an iPhone app? That’s exactly what Nizam Ali, son of the late Ben, wants to add to the list of offering at the Bowl.

So he is turning to his tech savvy customers to get an iPhone application developed. He told the Washington Examiner he’s going to start a contest to see who can design the best app for his restaurant.

The contest starts April 5 and runs through June 20. Would-be developers can visit the official Web site for more info. Ali said he's sure that the winning app will be available as a free download.

Ben’s Chili Bowl has been open for more than 50 years at the same location on U Street.

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