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Zuckerberg: Mistakes Were Made

Facebook's CEO admits to another "Zuck Up"



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    "Sometimes we move too fast -- and after listening to recent concerns, we're responding."

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg penned an open letter in the Washington Post Monday morning acknowledging the company had not handled privacy settings well, and promised a simpler interface.

    "Sometimes we move too fast -- and after listening to recent concerns, we're responding. [M]any of you thought our controls were too complex. Our intention was to give you lots of granular controls; but that may not have been what many of you wanted. We just missed the mark."

    Facebook has been under criticism for its cryptic and confusing privacy settings. 

    The New York Times recently pointed out to set every preference in your privacy settings, you must deal with 50 buttons and 170 options.

    "The new opt-out settings certainly are complex. Facebook users who hope to make their personal information private should be prepared to spend a lot of time pressing a lot of buttons." said the Times, which pointed out Facebook's privacy policy is longer than the U.S. Constitution.