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Twitter's Userbase Grows by One

Twitter cofounder Ev Williams a new father as wife tweets delivery



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    Joi Ito
    Evan Williams and wife Sara Morishige Williams are hopefully soon to be the parents of a healthy, and very well known, baby.

    The songbird icon of Twitter may need to be changed to a stork if the trend of Twittering live births takes off further.

    Last night, Sara Morishige Williams and her husband, Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, are keeping their friends, family and fans updated throughout the delivery of their first child.

    "Epidural, yes please," Morishige Williams texted from her phone with admirable spelling and punctuation considering the circumstances.

    The last update was two hours ago, and presumably hundreds of thousands are breathlessly awaiting the newborn's TwitPic.

    Twittering through labor is certainly nothing new, with plenty of trendpieces in the press to choose from.

    Best of wishes and luck to the new parents, because making something so personal so public, with such magical immediacy, is awesome in its capacity to magnify the dramatic impact.

    Photo by Joi Ito.

    Jackson West wonders if doctors and nurses find this behavior entirely healthy.