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Sexting for Seniors: An Awkward Primer

Take your grandparents' cell phones away... now



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    Good news, everyone! Although there have been countless news stories about sexting ruining the lives of the young and impressionable, AARP is encouraging the older (and impressionable) to jump on the naughty, naughty bandwagon.

    When Roger gets to an intimate stage with a woman these days, it usually doesn't take long until the sexy photos start. His dating partners either request that he send them a suggestive -- or downright explicit -- photo from his cell phone to theirs, or they just send one themselves, completely unsolicited.

    Well, good for Roger! He's getting lucky on his cell phone. Oh, also, he's 59. "Shocked? Don't be," says AARP. "More and more of the 50+ set, both single and married, are using text messaging to spice up their sex lives."

    But where's the fun in sexting if we aren't supposed to be shocked?

    A list of dos and don'ts include the innocuous "Still want to go to prom with you" (aww!) to the blush-inducing (just go here and read the last line of Step 2 -- eep!).

    So this is all cute and great. But you know how your grandparents are always asking you for technology help? This is one time you can just run away screaming. Go on. You have our permission.