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NASA Allows Out-Of-This-World Tweets

NASA gives astronauts new software to send live tweets



    NASA Allows Out-Of-This-World Tweets
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    It’s a first in space: astronauts aboard the International Space Station on Friday sent a tweet from orbit.

    NASA provided a special software upgrade that allows them personal access to the Internet via the ultimate wireless connection.
    Flight engineer T.J. Creamer posted an update to his Twitter account @Astro_TJ from the space station with these words: “Hello Twitterverse.”
    Creamer continued on his tweet: “we r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station -- the 1st live tweet from Space! :) More soon, send your ?s.”
    How big of an improvement is this for astronauts?  Before this, they would have to e-mail their tweets to the ground, where support personnel posted them to their Twitter accounts.
    The system provides astronauts private direct communications to help ease isolation on those long journeys in a closed and often cramped environment.  But don't worry about them abusing their Internet privileges, NASA said the 'nauts will be subject to the same computer use guidelines as government employees on Earth. 
    For out-of-this-world updates, you can follow Creamer and two his crewmates by visiting