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It Begins: ABC Shows Are Coming To Your iPad



    It Begins: ABC Shows Are Coming To Your iPad
    The celebrated iPad goes on sale Saturday at 9 a.m. and you can bet the lines will be long.

    As you know, the iPad makes it long-awaited debut tomorrow. Are you not in line yet? MY GOD, MAN! YOU GOTTA GET IN LINE! OR ELSE THEY’LL ALL BE TAKEN AND YOU’LL BE FORCED TO KILL AND EAT OTHERS TO GET ONE! Anyway, most of the reviews are unanimous in declaring the iPad the coolest and most useless product in history, and they all agree that movies and TV shows look fantastic on the thing. And the networks are ready to pounce, with ABC first on deck. The Hollywood Reporter explains:

    ABC's shows will be available on Apple's iPad, with Disney releasing an app that extends the network's video player to the new hand-held device.

    The ABC Player app will allow viewers to watch free, ad-supported episodes from 20 ABC shows via a Wi-Fi connection. Users can also purchase episodes via Apple's iTunes store.

    In reviewing the product, David Pogue of The New York Times mentioned that you can purchase a case for the iPad for $40 that has a portable stand in it, which turns the device into the perfect little mobile TV. Does that mean it’s worth shelling out hundreds of dollars for an iPad when you can watch these shows online with a laptop? Well, that’s entirely up to you.

    The main allure of the iPad, of course, is that you get to be someone who owns an iPad. That’s genius of Apple’s marketing. It doesn’t matter if the device is practical. All that matters is that you be seen carrying one. It’s technology as an accessory. And if you can watch “Lost” on your little iPad as everyone oohs and ahhs over it, then all the better. WATCH ME TOUCH THE SCREEN, EVERYONE!