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Internet Virus Targets Facebook, Twitter

Tech virus could ruin your computer



    Internet Virus Targets Facebook, Twitter

    Protect your Farmville and mind your tweets, because a malicious software program called “koob-face” is targeting Facebook and Twitter users.

    Cyber-criminals are using messages on Facebook to lure would-be victims to click on a link, by promising something like an interesting video or sexy pictures.
    The messages look real and are often sent from one of your Facebook friends.
    But you have to download a special program, which really is spyware. It infects your computer and then it sends the same bogus message to all your Facebook friends.
    "Just one person getting an infection on a social networking site actually opens the door to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or millions getting infected," said Jeff Debrosse, a computer security specialist.
    "Koob-face" has been around for a while, but hackers are trying to lure gullable Facebook users to give up their personal information with new tricks, according to McAfee.
    E-mails with a subject line of "Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Support" are sent saying that people's passwords on their Facebook accounts have been reset and that they should log in to a site to get their new credentials.  But if the attachment is opened, it downloads several types of malicious software, including a program that steals passwords, McAfee said.
    You can keep your computer secure by always using an up-to-date browser and by keeping your anti-virus software updated.