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Google Gets Instantaneous



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    Take that Yahoo. And see you later Bing.

    Google is accelerating its search engine by displaying the results as soon as users begin to type in their requests.

    The new "Instant Search' introduced Wednesday means people will start to see an ever-evolving set of results in the middle of the page with each character they type into the search box. The new feature will gradually roll out throughout the rest of the day.

    Instant Search grew out of Google's quest to deliver search results as quickly as possible. It also doesn't hurt that Yahoo and Microsoft joined forces last week.

    Under the relationship, Bill Gates brainchild will power Yahoo's search engine.

    But Google believes its instant feature will enable its search engine to anticipate what a person is looking for with just one keystroke, thus eliminating the need to Bing or Yahoo.

    Google is counting on the latest innovation to help maintain its dominance of the lucrative search market as rivals Yahoo and Microsoft do what they can to knock down the company's ivory tower.