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Latest Apple Tablet Rumors: It's a "Media Player"

Supersized handheld would run iPhone apps



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    Yeah, we know. There's yet another rumor about the Apple touchscreen tablet floating around, but wait. This one's really, really hot.

    It turns out that first rumored prototype of the Apple tablet was way too small, so this one's bigger, sporting a 10.7-inch screen instead of that measly 7-incher (or 9.7-incher) whispered about before.

    Better yet, this tall tale has the sweet screen cranking out resolution that's "near 720p." But it's is not a netbook, no sir, it's intended to be a "iPhone OS media player and light communication device."

    As the story goes, there will be two Apple tablets introduced on January 19, and both will be running the same operating system that's on the iPhone. One of those tablets will have 3G connectivity, and the other won't, but both will be big enough to comfortably read newspapers and magazines, yet slim enough to carry with you wherever you go. So what we're talking about here is an overgrown iPhone 3GS.

    The alleged timing of this rollout will be similar to the genesis of the iPhone, where we'll first be teased by this shiny object in January and it'll release a few months later in June or July, giving blogs and media mavens plenty of time to hype it up and fawn all over it, big-time.

    Oh, and the rumor specifically says there's a 20% chance that Steve Jobs will nix the whole thing. This sounds pretty specific, but standard rumor BS detectors are recommended.

    iLounge, via Gizmodo

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