You Can Go Home Again

Former guard Dockery might return

A few days after the crazy Albert Haynesworth, $100 million rumors broke, the Redskins are associated with one that's a bit more reasonable: bringing back guard Derrick Dockery.

Dockery, who left the Skins two seasons ago, to sign a seven-year deal with the Bills, had his contract cut up, and is now on the market.

He's a pretty serviceable guard.  Certainly nobody will confuse him for Russ Grimm.  But he'd fill a pretty substantial need for the Skins as they try to rebuild their ancient (and oft-injured) offensive line.

Dockery is just 28 years old, which is fairly young for a lineman -- especially compared to the Pete Kendall-shape fossil that playes last season.

He'd be able to fill in for four to five years while Danny Boy and Vinny fill in with the draft.

Don't laugh!  It could happen.

The big lineman isn't the only salary cap casualty that might interest Skins fans. passes along the news that the Cowboys (please, hold your boos 'til the end of the sentence) are talking about releasing safety Roy "Horsecollar" Williams.  OK, now you can cheer.

Roy missed a good chunk of last season thanks to a broken forearm, which probably brought smiles to the league's wide receivers and running backs.  Although their chiropractors probably missed the extra business.

Lusting after a so-so guard who already ran away from your team once and taking joy in a hated player's release... ah, it's great to be a fan of a mediocre football team!

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment before the sojurn to Buffalo.

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