Yankee Fan Uses Green Thumb To Curse Red Sox

The attempt to curse rival stadiums continues with seeds of grass

When you're talking about grass and Phish concerts, you usually aren't talking about the variety used for baseball games. One Yankee fan is feeling high after smuggling some seeds to the band's show at Fenway Park on May 31st and attempting to plant them in the infield.

Ian Ferris brought seeds of Yankee Stadium grass, which the team started selling this year, and scattered them in the infield. Ferris, a Hooters manager from Vermont, was hoping to strike back at the attempt to curse Yankee Stadium by a construction worker who buried a David Ortiz jersey.

"This is payback," Ferris told the New York Post. "If even one blade of grass sprouts on the field, I feel it was a success."

The Post, leaving no stone unturned, got a response from Gino Castignoli, the Red Sox rooting construction worker.

"My curse is working," he said. "It's typical of a Yankee fan to think you can buy a jinx in a bag. When will they learn, you don't win with your wallet but with your heart?"

Clearly, you can't buy a curse in a bag. They only come on hangers in team stores or the local sporting goods concern.

The only curse that actually appears to be working is one on Ortiz. The designated hitter's injury-aided decline of 2008 has turned into a full-blown collapse in 2009, and the Sox offense would probably be better off if he was buried underneath Fenway instead of in the batters box. Perhaps Castignoli didn't fully consult the local shaman's big book of hexes, curses and whammies before making his decision (or perhaps adults shouldn't believe in curses at all), but his attempt seems to have backfired.

Will Ferris' attempt to grow grass behind enemy lines also fail? Forget this week's series, that's the real story to follow!

Josh Alper is a writer living in New York City and is a contributor to FanHouse.com and ProFootballTalk.com in addition to his duties for NBCNewYork.com.

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