Wizards' Wardrobe (and 4th Quarter) Malfunction

Rookie puts shorts on backwards, Knicks roll

Besides a spirited win over Boston on Saturday, the Wizards have had little to laugh about this season.

But last night, one of Washington’s rookies provided some much-needed comic relief.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the team -- and apparently even to himself -- forward Kevin Seraphin declared an unofficial Backwards Day.

Seraphin showed up on the court with his shorts turned around. (You can watch the clip here.)

Either someone finally pointed it out or Seraphin noticed the error as he was heading to the bench. During a timeout, some teammates formed a little wall so Seraphin could turn his drawers around.

Of course, the wall was no match for TV cameras mounted high in the sky and the whole thing was caught on camera. Chances are there won’t be any FCC fines for this wardrobe malfunction, though.

Unfortunately, the light-hearted moment couldn’t help the Wizards break their road-losing skid. The 115-106 loss to the Knicks marked the 21st straight road defeat in 21 road games this season -- quite disappointing, considering it seemed like a prime game to snap the streak. The Knicks had lost six straight, while the Wiz were flying high after taking down the Celtics.

But the fourth quarter once again proved to be the Wizards undoing, as it has for much of the season. After entering the quarter down only two, Danilo Gallinari went off, hitting several long jump shots, pushing the lead to 9 with just 5:30 left in the game, and the Knicks never looked back.

The Wizards return home to face the Denver Nuggets tonight and then will hit the road again four four more chances to break the streak.

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