Wizards Rookies Rock Karaoke

When word hit Twitter that the Wizards were at Hill Country BBQ in Chinatown doing live band karaoke, we thought one thing: How fast can we get there?

It turns out that it was a rookie hazing exercise, and anyone with the good fortune of being there on a random Wednesday night was treated to a fun surprise.

SB Nation has the breakdown of what each new player sang, and we’re definitely sorry we missed Jan Vesely’s Serbian Polka.

Rookies Chris Singleton and Shelvin Mack decided to pair up, and it seems that Singleton had to carry the duet.

“Me and Shelvin did ‘Spend It.’ I was T.I.,” he told us. “Shelvin froze up and just left me. I had my words on my phone, which I told him to do but he didn’t. So he forgot his lyrics.”

The season hasn’t even started yet and they’re already building memories to last a lifetime.

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