Wizards Lose Again, How Bad Will Their Final Record Be?

In what has unfortunately become a recurring series on this blog, the Washington Wizards lost AGAIN Monday, this time to the San Antonio Spurs by a 118-92 score that left fans no other choice but to boo the Wizards and team owner Ted Leonsis off the court at game's end.

So your Washington Wizards -- because they're not certainly not mine -- are now 0-12, just seven more consecutive losses away from setting the NBA record for worst start ever. For now, however, they can take solace in the fact that 11 other teams have started 0-12 before. And they turned okay, right? Right?!


I found nine of the 11 other clubs -- I stopped after that because I'm not a glutton for punishment -- and their win totals, as expected, are not so good.

  1. 1949-50 Nuggets: 11-51
  2. 1970-71 Cavaliers: 15-67
  3. 1972-73 Sixers: 9-73
  4. 1988-89 Heat: 15-67
  5. 1994-95 Clippers: 17-65
  6. 1997-98 Nuggets: 11-72
  7. 1998-99 Clippers: 9-41
  8. 2002-03 Grizzlies: 28-54
  9. 2009-10 Nets: 12-70

The average win total among those teams is about 14. If the Wizards were to finish with 14 wins (meaning they would have to win 14 of their final 70 games, which doesn't seem too difficult in theory before you realize what team you're talking about), they will set a franchise record for fewest wins in a season, overtaking (undertaking?) the 18 set by the 1961-62 Chicago Packers and 1998-99 Wizards. 

At least they're making history? I'm out of positive spin.

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