Wizards Hope for 15 Minutes of Game

Arenas and Haywood may return this season

Mike Jones of the Washington Times has channeled a modern day Deep Throat to drop a kernel of hope on Wizards fans.

No one knows if Jones had to cross the Key Bridge to get his info from said insider, but evidently, amongst Gilbert Arenas' Hikikomori and coyness on his return from Wiz front office types, there is a plan for Agent Zero and the artist formerly known as Brenda (Haywood) to return to the hardwood this season.

According to Jones, both Arenas and Haywood will ideally be back in the lineup with "roughly" 15 games left in the season at intervals of "roughly" 15 minutes per night (with no back-to-back appearances).

The Wiz play the Sacramento Kings in D.C. on the Ides of March. And after celebrating the assassination of Julius Caesar, the team will head West for a four-game road trip, a stretch that commences the season's final 15.

If all goes according to plan, Gilbert Arenas would make his first appearance in Chinatown on March 23 against the Chicago Bulls. But really, who would expect anything involving the quirky Arenas and the hapless Wizards to go "according to plan"?

It's been hotly debated among the internets whether Arenas should come back at all. And Haywood, well, it's been pretty much a foregone conclusion that he would miss the entire season because of the nature of his wrist injury.

But conventional wisdom would dictate that both, especially Arenas, need to get back on the court, assuming 100 percent health, and get their basketball legs back. If anything, GM ErnieGrunfeld needs to see how the pieces of the current puzzle might fit together before considering off-season maneuvering.

As for the fans, well, it'd be nice if they could feel famous with their blogging superstar back on the court again, if only for 15 minutes a game.

Kyle Weidie also writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs. He has come to embrace the Curse O' Les Boulez.

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