Wizards Girls: All About the Boots

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To be a Wizards Girl, you have to have a fun personality, great energy and a pretty smile. The most important part, however, is the pair of boots.

On Saturday, the Wizards held auditions for this season’s dance team, and looking around the room it was clear who was new and who had been there before.

“You know you’ve made it when you get your boots,” said Wizards Girl veteran Devin. “Don’t wear the boots unless you’ve earned them.”

As she’s discussing the white, shiny status symbols, she glances over at a fellow auditioner. The girl in question twirls her hair nervously, in tight black shorts and a sparkly top. She was clearly unaware of proper protocol because, despite being a newbie, she’s wearing a pair of white boots.

The difference was obvious. Her boots were brand new, recently bought in a misguided attempt to fit in. They were clean, lacking the battle scars and scuffs that adorned the boots of the veterans. Not even 30 minutes into the day, and this poor soul had unknowingly committed a faux pas.

Like military stripes on a uniform, a Wizards Girl’s white boots are a symbol of success and power. The boots mean something and those who have earned them don’t take it lightly.

Aside from the boots, there are other things that set apart a pro from an amateur. One of the most important is a good relationship with safety pins.

In her first season with the Wizards Girls, veteran Samantha learned this the hard way.

“I was on the dance cam during a game once. I did an aerial and my boob padding popped out,” she laughed. “I hadn’t used safety pins. I definitely learned my lesson.”

Second-year Wizards Girl Holly agrees.

“Safety pins are your friend,” she affirmed.

Each year, all veteran Wizards Girls who want to return to the team have to try out again. To level the playing field, they aren’t allowed to wear their Wizards uniforms.

They are, however, allowed to wear their boots, making their top dog statuses quite clear.

Of the 15 veterans who auditioned on Saturday, all of them made the 20-girl roster. Keep an eye out for five new sets of boots this season.

Well-earned boots, that is.

For a gallery of photos from the auditions, head here.

Many thanks to WizardsExtreme.com for some of those great shots.

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