Wizards Not Trading Caron Butler

When a team is in the crapper, opposing trade ideas get delusional

"The Wizards are NOT Trading Caron Butler" was originally published by Truth About It dot net January 24, 2009.

The Wizards are hemorrhaging and the sharks are in the water. When a team is in the crapper, opposing trade ideas get delusional.

The Wiz are in a unique situation of futility. They are dealing with crucial injuries that would be a critical blow to any other team. (Do I appreciate the job that Eddie Jordan & Co. did last year even more? Yes I do.)

That being said, it's evident that even if 100% healthy, the Wizards are pieces short of being a championship contender.

Does all this mean that Ernie Grunfeld, on whom the heat has been increasing lately, should push the panic button and just start making trades? Maybe and maybe not.

In either case, Grunfeld is the patient type of GM who bides his time, ignoring irrationality.....I can't say the same for opposing fans.

Cleveland Cavs fans at 'realcavsfans.com' think that they're going to parlay Wally Szczerbiak's expiring $13,775,000 contract (good lord how is that guy getting paid that much?) into Vince Carter, John Salmons, Gerald Wallace, or Caron Butler.....with one fan claiming that he would "poop his pants" if Butler became available.

I can't speak for those other teams, but I'm pretty confident that said Cavs fan will not be pooping his pants, unless perhaps he gets sprinkled with some precious LeBron James rosin dust.

The New Jersey Nets are hot-cha-cha for Tuff Juice.

The Newark Star-Ledger's Dave D'Alessandro calls Butler the "holy grail" saying, "They've [the Nets] called the Wiz on and off for more than a month to see what it would take to extract Caron, but they're not exactly making any progress. The problems there, of course, are figuring out a way for it to make sense for both sides."

Some dood at the Bleacher Report seems to suggest that Grunfeld would part with Butler for a combination of Ryan Anderson, Chris Douglass-Roberts, draft picks and cap relief (but Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian and Brook Lopez are untouchable).

Get the eff out of here. I wouldn't even want any of those "untouchables" for Caron.

Butler is relatively young, very affordable for his talent, and an all-star (when his team is playing well).

If Ernie Grunfeld were to trade him for salary cap space, there might be riots in DC (if there were any Wizards fans around to care). Personally, I would be seeking out one of these shirts, or at least making one myself.

Keep Caron Butler in DC. He's not the type of player, nor character, that you just trade for nothing.

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