Nationals Are Ecstatic About Return of Baseball; Here's How It Will Work

MLB games will start July 23 or 24 with no fans in the stands, no high-fives and balls thrown out once they’re touched by multiple players

The three words fans around the globe have been waiting to hear can finally be chanted from the rooftops: Baseball is back!

While you crazies out there may think you're excited for America's game to return, the Washington Nationals players are even more riled up. Here's a look at some of the best reactions from the Nats when they heard the news. 

Washington Nationals

Don't let the MLB/MLBPA standoff distract you from the fact that the Nationals are still the defending World Season Champions, which makes this tweet from the home team so, so sweet.


Trea Turner

What's better than this reaction from Trea Turner, Ryan Zimmerman and Sean Dootlittle? I'll answer that for you: nothing. 

Adam Eaton

Adam Easton is a simple man with a simple caption: "We're back."

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We’re back.

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Juan Soto

Last but certainly not least, Childish Bambino took to Instagram and said "We are back!" overtop an ESPN photo of a bunch of ecstatic MLB faces (including his own face as the centerpiece, of course). 

Major League Baseball issued a 60-game schedule Tuesday night that will start July 23 or 24 in empty ballparks as the sport tries to push ahead amid the coronavirus following months of acrimony. No schedule was released.

Each team will play 10 games against each of its four division rivals and four games vs. each of the five clubs in the corresponding division in the other league, according to details obtained by The Associated Press. A team is scheduled to make only one trip to each city it visits in MLB's shortest season since 1878.

Geographically and to try to limit travel, the schedule makes sense. But from a competitive standpoint, it may hurt the Nationals. The team goes from having to play the AL West in their interleague schedule to the AL East, which boasts arguably the best team in the sport, the New York Yankees. 

The games will be unusual in several regards, as the MLB tries to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Players, coaches and support staff will be tested for COVID-19 every other day, the MLB explains. Players will sit in the stands at least six feet apart when they’re not playing. No “celebratory contact” such as high-fives, hugs or fist bumps will be allowed. Gum will be allowed but no chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds. A ball will be thrown out once it’s been touched by multiple players.

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