Umpire Incurs Wrath of Nats' GM

It’s not uncommon for a MLB manager to get into it with an umpire. It’s far less common for the team’s general manager to get aggressive.

According to the New York Daily News, MLB is allegedly investigating an altercation between Thursday’s officiating crew and Nationals GM Mike Rizzo as they were leaving the field after the game's final out. Rizzo is being accused of verbal mistreatment after Jayson Werth was called out at first in a controversial ninth inning call.

“Immediately after the game, one of the umpires told Mets security guards outside their dressing room to "find the guy in the suit," apparently referring to Rizzo. Mets security VP Rob Kasdon arrived a few minutes later armed with a Nationals media guide to pore over headshots to identify Rizzo, sources said.”

Apparently, MLB media guides can double as photo line-ups. We can understand the need for the headshots, though. All front office guys look alike to us.

The crew filed their complaint with Joe Torre, whose new position as MLB VP of on-field operations gives him the privilege of dealing with such squabbles.

"I'm looking forward to an interesting morning (Friday),” Torre told the paper.

In the old days, all he had to worry about was when to call in Mariano RIvera.

Rizzo wasn't the only one upset with the call. Werth, Riggleman, and most of the team got vocal with the crew after the blown call.

"It looked like half their team was ready to jump the rail," joked Mets outfielder Jason Bay.

It's only funny when your team wins, Jason.

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