Two Ns Mean Two Ws for Nats

The newest Zimmerman(n) pitches Nats to a win

On a cold rainy night, two Ns led to a doubling of the Ws for the Nats.

Top prospect Jordan Zimmermann made his major league debut, dominating the Braves for six innings and picking up his first career win -- the Nats' second.

All in all, it was a pretty good day to be a Zimmerman(n).

Ryan (single N, please) opened the day by signing his big contract extension.  Jordan (two Ns, please) closed it with the best pitching performance the team has had all year.

For once, Ryan won't have the pressure of being last alphabetically.

Zimm'nn looked great, throwing a hard, heavy fastball in the mid-90s.  Unlike most of the other Nats, who pussyfoot around, he pounded the zone.  The kid doesn't like to mess around.

Along with the fastball, he threw a darting slider, which dived far away from right-handed batters.  He saved his curveball for two-strike counts, throwing it in the dirt repeatedly, hoping for the Braves to chase.  And against lefties, he saved his changeup, which backed up away from them, as it came in ever so slowly.

Four pitches, all with good command.

He only threw about three bad pitches all game -- all fastballs that he left over the zone.  One of the three was caught.  Another turned into a double.  And the third was a long homer to the bullpen in left, on a night where the wind was mostly blowing in.

Still, it was an excellent debut.

With Ryan locked up and Jordan showing that he can be capable of translating his minor league excellence to the majors, things are looking up in Natstown, despite all the other issues.

The Zimmermen(n) give Nats fans a little bit of hope.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He didn't enjoy the rain, but he did like the game.

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