Tony Romo: Tattletale

The Cowboys’ botched snaps in Monday’s game against the Redskins made for some fun highlights, but Tony Romo and company are calling foul play.

Cowboys center Phil Costa was quick to accuse the Redskins of simulating Dallas’ snap count, something that is against NFL rules. Romo confirmed to the media after the game that there were suspicions.

"We've got to get the snap thing worked out," Romo said. "Costa said the D-line kept calling out the snap count. We'll get that worked out. We'll tell the league and see if that's something that can be fixed because you're not supposed to be able to do that.”

The easiest explanation offered was that former Cowboy Stephen Bowen, who is clearly familiar with the Dallas cadence, clued his current Redskins teammates in. Privvy to that information, the Washington defense would know exactly when to offer an errant grunt to confuse Costa.

On Tuesday, Costa went on ESPN Radio in Dallas to take some heat off his former teammate and take responsibility for the awful snaps.

“Bowen? He wasn’t really doing it,” Costa said. “We’re doing the snap count and we’re hearing the defensive line barking a little bit and either way it is on me.”

Costa still maintains that there was some funny stuff happening on the Redskins side of the neutral zone

“They were making noise on the other side of the ball,” he said. “It was pretty obvious Tony wasn’t even close to being ready, and they were saying some things that sounded a lot like our cadence.”

Romo stated that Dallas would “tell the league” and see what can be done.


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