Times Writer Quibbles with Dibble

Not nearly as exciting as a Twitter fight

Fresh off last week's Twitter Smackdown between Rob Dibble and Neyer, Washington Times columnist Thom Loverro wants in on the action.  His latest screed rips, blasts and shreds the Dibster -- who, by the way, played for the Reds (in case he hasn't reminded you in the last :45).

The high-pitched scribe calls Dibble a blowhard, noting that he hasn't put the work in to be a good analyst and that his fan-approved rantings aren't based on solid intelligence.

What's the deal?  Loverro cites Dibster's near-constant thrashing of former pitching coach Randy St. Claire.  Says Lovey:


"It has been uninformed criticism, if we want to be as frank and honest as Dibble claims he is trying to be.

"Dibble never spoke to St. Claire - who was fired June 2 - about anything to do with pitching, according to the former Washington coach.

"'He has never talked to me about anything about pitching,' St. Claire said in a telephone interview. 'He has never asked what we do for prep work. I've never talked to him about pitching.'"

When Loverro approached Dibble, he didn't seem pleased:

"Why would I need to [talk to St. Claire]? ... That's not true because I had a discussion with almost every pitcher. If they were No. 1 in pitching, I don't think I would need to have a conversation with him, either. But they weren't. They were the worst pitching staff in baseball... He had been here seven years, and the fact that I am even involved in this discussion is kind of ridiculous."

Loverro goes on to contend that Dibble's radio show (which he broadcasts from 4-6 at Nats Park) hampers his ability to get the background info he needs to be a good analyst.

"Dibble is not getting paid to be 'stating the obvious.' Anyone can do that. The guy sitting on the bar stool next to you can do that. The analyst should be stating what is not obvious."

But maybe that bar-stool aspect of Dibble is why so many fans seem to like him.  He's getting angry and frothing the way we are.  The Nats had a prime analyst the last few seasons with Don Sutton.  He was great, but watching a team this bad, nobody really wants to be lectured.

Dibble might be a loud-mouthed, homerrific blowhard, who's not telling us anything we don't already know, and insisting that pitchers man up like he did when he was with the Reds.  But it's typically entertaining.  Lord knows the product on the field isn't.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He never played the game either.

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