The Wizards Reveal Their Aliases

It is rumored that LeBron James uses the name "Gordon Gekko" as one of his hotel aliases when he travels. It got us thinking about what names the Wizards players use.

“I used to use Doug Williams,” Roger Mason told us. “He was my favorite Redskins football player.”

“Mine was Rich Blackman,” Mo Evans added.  “I stole it from Deion Sanders on his reality show. I saw him using it. I thought it was funny when the hotel would say, ‘Hey, Rich Blackman’.”

The players use aliases for good reason. Brazen fans will find out which hotel the team is staying in and often call them in their rooms to ask for favors.

“Sometimes we’ll have people calling up to the rooms asking for tickets,” explained Andray Blatche, whose alias last season was "Bill Pickens."

“They call and say, ‘You got any tickets for tonight?’,” Blatche added.

Apparently asking for tickets is common practice.

“Fans would always call asking for tickets,” said Evans. “They’d look up an old teammate and be like 'Hey, so and so told me you’d hook me up'.”

It’s not just the tickets requests that make aliases necessary. Obsessive fans sometimes cross the line when trying to get near their favorite player.

“When I played in Europe, a lady was leaving panties and little gifts and candies and poems,” Evans told us. “It was in the King’s English and she’d seal it with wax and everything. It was creepy.”

Less creepy -- but just as annoying -- is the classic prank call.

“Someone called my room 15 times one night when I was in Dallas with the Spurs for the playoffs,” Mason said. 

While he never had any crazy fans leave him gifts, Blatche offered a possible explanation for Mason’s midnight caller.

“That probably was a player doing that,” he said.

Someone check Dray’s phone records...

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