Wizards Offer NCAA Brackets

For those of you who are looking for advice on your NCAA bracket, the Wizards are here to help.

The team has posted individual brackets online, along with brackets from G-Wiz, and a Wizards Girl. Kansas and UConn are the favorites to win the whole thing, with six final picks overall, and everyone but Cartier Martin has Kansas in their Final Four. Martin picked his alma mater, Kansas State, instead.

A few of the other players stayed true to their schools, as well. John Wall picked Kentucky to win the whole thing, Jordan Crawford has his boys at Xavier in the Final Four and Nick Young predicted USC to oust Georgetown in the first round, which won't go over well in this town.

The Wizards Girl, Erica, has all four 11 seeds advancing through, and while you may be chuckling now, she could look like a genius in a few days.

We have John Wall's bracket below, and the rest of them can be seen here.

Good luck, guys. Except for you, Andray. Duke? Really?

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