The Wizards Are a Logo Atrocity

Ugly Wizards logo ranked at bottom of the league

Washington's basketball shame is finally getting some major attention. It's about time; the Wizards logo is an embarrassment.

It's easily one of the two or three worst logos in the league, saved only by the boring Oklahoma City Thunder's yawn-inducing logo. Both Teams Played Hard is in the midst of a logo-ranking project and says of the Wizards,  "[i]t’s pretty hard to believe that Washington is serious about this logo. It must be an internal practical joke that a group of underpaid designers pulled on the front office somehow."

Look at that thing.  It's bad enough that the team's name kind of stinks.  But what's up with the old wizard dude?

Why is he leaning?  Did all the losses make him drink too hard, so he's falling over?  Is he just demonstrating the Crab Dribble?

Is he squinting?  Closing his eyes as they turn the ball over again?  What's with the grin?  Is he smiling?  Or angry that he got suckered into another year of season tickets that he can't unload on Craigslist?

Why is he wearing a black tunic that exposes his angular blue crotch?

Why does the moon have basketball laces on it?  Doesn't the fact that he's holding a basketball -- or at least using his special wizard powers to make it magically levitate above his finger -- already indicate that this is a basketball logo?

Is it any wonder that when the president shows up, he roots for the other team?  Can you picture Obama wearing one of those hideous jerseys?  He might have a D next to his name, but he's not going to be caught dead in that color blue.

And what's with that tannish/goldish/baby-poo brown color?  Earth tones for the alpha males on the team?


Even those old Bullets jerseys with the alternating red and white horizontal stripes looked better.  (And the less said about those all-gold alternate monstrosities, the better, too.)

This logo truly is Washington's biggest shame.  The Caps started winning again when they went back to a classic.  Old man Abe should take a lesson from his most successful tenant and dump the worst logo in the league.

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