Redskins Back, May Be Locked Out Again?

The day after the courts ordered the NFL lockout lifted, Lorenzo Alexander showed up at Redskins practice facility and was turned away.

The same happened the next day, and the one after that.

Still, inspired by his contracted workout bonus, Alexander continued to show up and, on Friday, he was rewarded with entry into the building.

"It was good to be able to go inside, work out with some of the guys,'' Alexander told the AP.

He was joined by teammates DeAngelo Hall, Kedric Golston, Graham Gano, Macho Harris, Chris Horton and Will Montgomery and Selvish Capers.

Capers, who attended this month’s players only mini-camp despite spending last season on the practice squad, appreciated the taste of normalcy.

"It felt great, just coming back into home, I guess you could say,'' Capers said to the AP.  "We didn't really do much today; everything's kind of at your own pace today. Everybody's getting back in the swing of things.''

The celebration may have been short, as news came through Friday afternoon that the lockout may be temporarily reinstated pending a court appeal by the owners.  Or not.

The whole issue is quite dizzying, and the day-to-day uncertainly is taking its toll on both players and fans.

Take Chad Ochocinco, for instance.  His reaction on Twitter upon hearing the news:  "Damn am I hearing right that the lockout is back on?"

But later the reports of reporters reporting that the reports of the lockout reportedly being back on were actually false reports -- by reporters:  "8th District Appeals Court Clerk Michael E. Gans says no ruling issued either way. Previous reports of lockout back on are erroneous."

Please pass the Advil.

Anyway, as for the long-term fate of the players and their practices, Alexander is optimistic.

"So far, all the judges have been ruling in our favor, so I don't see no reason why that should change, but who knows?'' he told the AP. "Everybody can interpret the same facts differently, but I'm very confident it will still remain in our favor.''

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