The John Wall Dance Makes Wiki

The John Wall Dance has joined the ranks of the Twist, The Running Man, and the Moonwalk. The groove made popular by the Wizards guard now has its own Wikipedia page.

Sure, other dances made famous in pop culture, like The Carlton, are also mentioned on the online encyclopedia. But most of them are relegated to a paragraph mention embedded in a post about a song or television character.

The John Wall Dance has enough swagger to stand alone.

The entry takes you through the short history of the move. It also lists the John Wall Dance occurrences in pop culture, including the touchdown celebrations by Redskins return man Brandon Banks.

If you’re not familiar with how to perform the John Wall Dance, Wikipedia has you covered.

“The John Wall Dance is a dance performed by flexing the arms and twisting the wrist.”

It’s that simple.

And the best part of the page (and quite honestly the reason we were inspired to write about it) is the slightly freaky gif of a disembodied arm demonstrating it. Kudos to the person responsible for that addition.

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