The Gil Is Gone: Arenas Traded

Washington fans have seen the last of Gilbert Arenas in a Wizards uniform.

The man formerly known as Agent Zero, who formerly was the centerpiece of the franchise, and who formerly was the focus of any and all Wizards marketing campaigns, can add "formerly of the Washington Wizards" to his bio.

NBC Washington's Lindsay Czarniak has confirmed that the Wizards have sent Arenas to the Orlando Magic for forward Rashard Lewis.  NBA reporter David Aldridge first tweeted the news Saturday afternoon.Aldridge says the trade

could save the Wiz some serious cash with the deal:

The deal could save Washington at least $24 million; Arenas has four years and $80 million remaining on his $111 million deal signed two years ago, while Lewis has three years and $63 million left on the $124 million deal he signed as a free agent in 2007. But only $10 million of the $22.6 million he is owed in the final year of the contract, in 2012-13, is fully guaranteed. Lewis can increase the guarantee if he meets certain performance criteria between now and then.

The trade is a bittersweet end to the Arenas era in Washington.

Gun charges, guilty pleas, halfway houses, injuries and unproductive seasons probably will overshadow the four great years he gave the Wiz from 2003 to 2007. In the past three seasons, he played in just 13, 2 and 32 games, respectively.

Arenas got off to another bad start this year in what was to be his comeback season. After being suspended for a gun incident last year, he was supposed to return and help out rookie No. 1 pick John Wall. But he admitted to faking an injury so he wouldn't have to play in a preseason game, souring his already strained relationship with the team. He has played in 21 games this season and has averaged 17.3 points per game.

So, we know you're wondering... Rashard who?

Good question.

The 13-year vet is a serious three-point threat, ranking in the top 10 in NBA history. But his production has dropped in recent years. After averaging more than 20 PPG from 2004 to 2007, his points per game has dropped ever since -- and it is down to 12.2 this season.

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