The Bright Side to the Redskins Loss

Swift kicks or yummy pie: How do you see it?

Did you miss Sunday's Redskins loss to the Saints?  If so, and you want to recreate the fan experience, just lay down on the floor and have someone kick you in the crotch a few times.

As bad  -- agonizing, really -- as the game was, there was a bright sides.  It's as if between swift kicks, someone was doing something delightful.  (Serving you pie, perhaps?)

So while it's easy to focus on the kicks (Damn you, Suisham!), we prefer to focus on the pie.  Mmm.  Pie.

How 'bout that Jason Campbell?  Those of you focusing on the kicks'll point out his late interception.  But those of us who like pie will point out that were it not for his terrific game, the Skins never would've been in the position to win in the first place.  He, for the first time, looked confident out there, as if he weren't afraid that the defensive line was going to maul him. 

He took his time, got rid of the happy feet, and delivered a number of medium and long passes, something he's done far too infrequently these past two seasons.  Even better: he passed Gus Frerotte on the Skins all-time TD list, and anything that represses those memories is good.

How 'bout that Devin Thomas?  It's often said (aren't those old hazy unattributed sayings useful?) that receivers need two years to develop.  Well, Mr. Thomas did a heck of a lot of developing.  He was up and down the field, catching seven balls for 100 yards with 2 TDs.  He's been playing better these last few weeks, and it seems like he and JC are developing a bit of chemistry, in part, because...

The offensive line is finally doing its job.  For whatever reason -- continuity? experience? dumb luck? -- they've managed to open holes for the backs, and give JC enough time.  He wasn't sacked once, despite dropping back to pass a billion times.  And he generally had enough time to let the receivers work their way down field.  Nobody's going to mistake these guys for the Hogs, but considering the no-names and has-been on the line, it's been amazing work by Buges and the staff.

How 'bout Quinton Ganther?  The former practice squadee has looked sharp in his last few games, and he carried the ball for 46 yards yesterday.  Who knows what would've happened late in the fourth quarter had Zorn stuck with Q instead of switching off to Mason before the fateful FG miss.

So, yeah, the game basically stunk.  But there were signs you can point to of things that went really well, and that create a little bit of hope for the future.  Whether they can consolidate the gains and use 'em to beat the Raiders, we'll see. 

Meanwhile, focus a little bit on the pie, not just on the swift kicks.  Oof.

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