The “Big Three” Wins Three

The Wizards have done something they haven’t been able to do in almost three years -- they’ve won three games in a row.

The team hasn’t had that many consecutive wins since April 9, 2008. Bush was still in office, glee clubs were still dorky, and John Wall was still in high school.

“We got a swagger now,” Jordan Crawford told the Post. “You can see it. You can see how people walk around here now, people hold their heads up a little more. Everything is different.”

It’s amazing what a few wins can do, huh?

No one has more swagger right now than Ted Leonsis, who has been leaning heavily on the team’s rebuild to defend the Wizards' lack of performance this year.

“Admit it,” he wrote on his blog after the game. “It feels good to be Wizards fans watching the rebuild unfold, yes?”

He even went so far as to call Wall, Crawford and Blatche the “new big three”.

We’re not watching the rebuild unfold, so much as watching the result of a battered team. If Nick Young, Rashard Lewis, Josh Howard, Trevor Booker, Cartier Martin and Hamady Ndiaye weren’t done for the year, that “big three” may not have had a chance to see much playing time together. Ah, sweet serendipity.

To be fair to Leonsis, he has the right to gloat a little. But three wins in April after a horrible season is hardly reason to break out the “I told you so” dance. Let’s save that jam for next season when we’re leading the division.

Wall, who has been the one constant all season, is a little more realistic about what it all means.

“We’re just showing heart and fight," he said, "and that we’re going to keep this going next year.”

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