The Best D.C. Athlete Halloween Costumes

Yesterday was Halloween, the one day every year where we throw away societal norms and knock on complete strangers' doors asking for food. I'm surprised that doesn't happen more often.

Anyway, All Hallow's Eve is a chance for us to show our creative sides (or, if you're a woman, your less-inhibited side; I've been in enough doctors offices to know that not all nurses wear low-cut blouses and thigh-high stockings), so several denizens of D.C. decide to honor their favorite local athletes as they made their rounds.

The first one -- seen above -- was sent in by recent Maryland graduate and Reston native Adam Hammer, who paid homage to his alma mater's recent injury woes.

Debbie Butcher sent this one to us via Twitter. A picture is Werth a thousand words.

Then here's one from my friend Jenn Rubenstein, who went as some sort of mythical creature that she called "a Caps fan with a game to go to," whatever that means.

Last, but certainly not least, this clown, bro.

(Photo credit: @BHarper3407)

Of course, the most popular athlete was Robert Griffin III (even Bryce Harper added some RGIII flair to his costume) because, well, duh. Here are some of the better costumes.

(Photo credit: @AnotherPirate)

(Photo credit: @mmicewatch)

I think it's pretty safe to say that six-month-old Addison won Halloween.

(Photo credit: @MsGinaRose) 

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