Teddy Can’t Even Catch a Break Racing Against Children


If you've lived in Washington long enough, then you probably don't associate Theodore Roosevelt with the 26th President of the United States who won the Nobel Peace Prize and walked softly while carrying a big stick.

No, when you think of President Roosevelt, you probably think of a lovable loser known as "Teddy" who can't win a Presidents Race at Nationals Park to save his life.

Perhaps taking Teddy out of the unfriendly confines of southeast Washington would allow him to finally grab that elusive victory, but as evidenced by his appearance at Bethesda Big Train Summer Baseball Camp, the guy can't catch a break anywhere.

Even without the presence of conniving rival mascots, Segways or other mindless distractions, Teddy never stood a chance against these youngsters, which, I might add, he literally towered over.

Nowhere to go but up, right? Let the "Trust Buster" bust that winless streak already!

(H/T Let Teddy Win)

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