Ted Leonsis: True Man of the People

The homeless man's best friend

Most Washington Capitals fans have already figured out that owner Ted Leonsis is an all-around good guy.

But we're starting to wonder if the ice at the Verizon Center melted, would he really be able to walk across it?

To understand what we mean, check out the great blog post by Washington Capitals beat writer Tarik El-Bashir.

Apparently the two ran into each other Wednesday morning while headed to a train in Union Station when they came upon a homeless man sitting on the floor with no shoes on his feet. The man said something as they passed.

But while everyone else walked by, Leonsis stopped, took out his wallet and asked the man what happened to his shoes.

Tarik picks up the story from there:

The man, who is old and appeared to be disabled, told Ted, "Somebody stole them." Ted said, "What?" The man said it again. Ted handed the guy a big bill (I didn't see how big). But before he gave it to him said, "Promise me you are going to buy shoes with this, okay?" The man nodded and said very quietly, "Thank you."

Just another reason to become a Caps fan if you haven't already.

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