Take Me Out to the Glitch Game

MLB 2K9 video game swings and misses at baseball's basics

We told you when MLB 2K9 was released that the game had its moments where the artificial intelligence ran afoul. Perhaps that was understated.

When you look at the MLB 2K series overall -- visuals, mechanics, audio presentation, etc. -- 2K9 still happens to be better than most of what 2K Sports has delivered in the past few seasons, which might not be saying much.

Now, after the game has been on the shelves for a couple of months, the Web is buzzing with extreme examples of maddening AI errors.

For instance, we know the new Yankees Stadium is a haven for home runs, but this Johnny Damon round tripper is ridiculous. (The narrator is deadpan funny and sounds a lot like a Tracy Morgan character on Percodan) You've got base running errors that defy any and all logic. One mild mannered gamer has had it with glitches at first... and here's a guy who is much more vociferous about a tag up glitch at Fenway.

This scene from Houston might be user error as much as a programming error though.

Unlike an ump's vision, hindsight is 20/20.

Regardless, it seems like a new tradition in baseball is being created... gamers heckling developers just like fans do an opposing team.

Laurence Scott will soon take a look at The Bigs 2 from 2K Sports -- which, since it's an arcade-style game -- might not present as many egregious glitches.

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