Take Me Out to the Dog Park

You can take your dog out to the ball games

Calling all pups! If your dog loves long walks in the park (and whose doesn’t), here’s the perfect play date for you both. Actually, it’s a two-time event called Pups in the Park.

May 8, when the Nats take on the Florida Marlins, and Aug. 29, the St. Louis Cardinals, are fundraisers to help animals sheltered by the Washington Humane Society. Tickets will be $20 for people and $5 for pets. Just think, you can have a hot dog with your top dog while helping a good cause, according to the Washington Humane Society blog. And hopefully it will benefit the home team, too, as the Nats are likely to be underdogs in each game.

However, there are a few things to consider before hauling Fido off to Nats Park to sit through home runs, fly balls and tens of thousands of screaming, beer-guzzling fans -- and all those other dogs. Consider your dog’s temperament. Is yours a “social” dog that interacts well with people and other canines? Are all their shots up to date? They have to be, according to the blog. Also, it’s likely to be hot those days, and dogs shouldn’t be kept in the heat. Finally, be aware that Nats home runs and victories are celebrated with a lot of hoopla, including a loud fireworks display. So if that’s likely to spook your best friend, maybe you should opt for a walk in the backyard.

Now, you will need a dog ticket to get into the Nats games. You can’t use regular tickets, season tickets or tickets bought through other outlets for these two games. Also, tickets are limited, but you can buy them as a package for both games. Get more information about that on the Humane Society’s Web site -- www.washhumane.org.

Hopefully if you do leash them up and head for the ballpark, you’ll have a rollicking good time. But plan your transportation ahead of time. How will you get to the park when you can't take your dogs on Metro?

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