Strasburg's Return To Nats Park

Strasmas II has a date -- September 6.

That is the day that Stephen Strasburg will finally make his much-anticipated return to Nats Park.

The team will also be adding Tom Milone to the rotation to pitch in Jordan Zimmermann’s place, and Davey Johnson has hinted that Brad Peacock will also see some time at Nats Park, possibly as a reliever for Strasburg.

Seeing new and anticipated faces on the roster is a bittersweet time for the Nats. While fans get to see some of the young prospects that have been working their way up, it’s a situation only made possible by the team’s poor standing.

“I plan on letting both [Milone and Strasburg] stay in the rotation but, again, it depends on how they’re throwing and all that,” Johnson told the Washington Times. “This is the time of year you look at young players. That’s what you do when you’re not in a pennant race and, unfortunately, we’re not in one so we’re going to look at some young players that we think have a bright future. Milone’s going to be the first one to get a shot.”

Johnson had a little bit of fun with the media in announcing the Strasburg start.

“We’ve got another young pitcher who’s coming up and will make his last start, I guess, in the minor leagues on Thursday,” Johnson said. “His name is Strasburg.”

There are still tickets for the game available through the Nationals website, but expect this one to sell out.

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