Strasburg Fights Band Of Ninjas

Nationals fan Zack Cordan (or “Vega” as he’s known in the fan forums) recently found himself in possession of a Stephen Strasburg action figure and some spare time. So he did what any fan would do.

He created action scenes with Strasburg and other toys of his scale and posted them to the Nationals Fan Forum.

“I'm an avid G.I. Joe collector and fan,” he told us. “So it seemed like a perfect match to me. The scenes themselves just sort of came to me as I went along.”

The scenes that have us laughing hardest are the ones that show the Strasburg doll’s limitations. He appears to be able to bend everywhere -- except at the waist.

“I was trying to show the Strasburg figure's articulation limitations while being funny as well,” explained Cordan. “Thus, pictures like the yoga picture and the inability to sit picture were born.”

Yep, that’s Strasburg doing a facepalm when he realizes that he can’t sit down.

Apparently being able to sit isn’t doll Strasburg’s only problem, a point that Cordan made on the message board.

“Well, if he can't sit down, he obviously can't drive a vehicle either,” noted Cordan when he posted the pictures. “His failure is mounting, and it's all because of those damned hip joints.”

As we all know, the real Strasburg’s problem lies in his elbow.

Although he recently threw off the mound for the first time, we won’t be seeing the real Strasburg in motion for a while. So we’ll have to settle for watching doll Strasburg fight off a band of ninjas.

Here are some of our favorites. You can see the rest of them over at the fan forum.

Doll Strasburg enjoying some yoga:

Cordan explains this one. "Zartan offers Stras a suitcase full of money to play for the Loudoun Hounds..."

"...but Stras refuses so Zartan sends ninjas to kill Stras."

Pics used with permission from Zack Cordan.

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