Storen Book Beginning for Nats' 10th Pick

Drew Storen hopes to be the closer of the future

Amongst the Nationals' "fails" so delightfully covered by the DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg, and the pins and needles fans will have to sit upon, most likely until August, wondering if Stan Kasten will really sign Stephen Strasburg, there's got to be a feel-good story for the downtrodden franchise somewhere.

In steps draft pick Drew Storen, a pitcher who actually wants to be a Washington National, partially evidenced by the fact that he became the first of the Nats' '09 class to sign on the dotted line.

Storen, taken 10th overall out of Stanford (who needed Aaron Crow anyway?), conveyed his love for the game in a recent press conference (via Nationals Journal, WaPost). When asked why he signed so quickly, Storen responded, "I just wanted to get going. I miss playing. We didn't make the playoffs at school, and my arm is feeling great. I wanted to get going and really get that chance to help the Nationals win this year."

But the kicker Nats faithful is that Storen has always been a fan of the franchise. He looked up to fan favorite, Chad "The Chief" Cordero, even having served as an honorary bat-boy for the Expos once upon a time.

As he made an appearance at the podium, wearing his hat flat-brim style, just as his idol whom he once met, Storen provides a bit of hope to be team closer in seasons to come (especially if you're not really a Joel Hanrahan fan).

Keep an eye on the 6'2" kid from Indiana (or follow Storen on Twitter), he may just be a reason to renew your passport to Nats Town in the near future.

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