Stephen Strasburg Packing His Bags

We were going about our business when this tweet from Stephen Strasburg popped up and caught our eye.

Strasburg is coming back to the DMV.

Nationals manager Davey Johnson has confirmed the good news, hinting that Strasburg’s start would come in the next 10 days, in either Low Class A Hagerstown or High Class A Potomac, with Hagerstown being the likely choice.

Better get your tickets now.

Strasburg is just as excited as we are, and in an interview with, he talked about the pressure to be great.

“I think they’ve been really conservative with me,” he said. “Obviously everyone involved wants me to get back out there and be better than I was before.”

The exact time line hasn’t been confirmed by the team, and Johnson is reluctant to go on record with the news. But Strasburg will pitch a simulated game in Florida on Tuesday, and if all goes well he could be headed north.

Strasburg says he’s cautiously ready, whenever that time comes.

“My arm’s been feeling great this whole time,” he said with a smile. “And I know going into that that it’s going to feel really good, and this is the time where you can’t push yourself as much as you want to.”

The video interview gives you some insight into Strasburg’s rehab and how he feels about his pitching. It’s worth the four minutes it will take to watch.

In the meantime, that glimmer of hope turned into a beacon with these words from Strasburg:

“I just gotta be smart about this these next few months, and if it all goes according to plan, hopefully they’ll let me pitch in September.”

Now that gives us chills.

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