Stash and Hope

As we near the quarter turn of the fantasy football season, many preseason hopes are being dashed and reality is starting to set in.

Braylon Edwards isn't looking like a stud WR and Chad Johnson appears to be a shell of his former self. Zach Miller has busted hard as one of this year's top sleeper TEs. David Garrard looks like a bum at QB and there are serious concerns about whether Ben Roethlisberger can remain an elite fantasy quarterback.

So what's a frustrated owner to do?

Hit the Waiver Wire.


In-season work is one of the most important elements in achieving fantasy success each season. The owners in our two national events certainly are well aware of that. Many of them are either busy searching for the next big thing to stash away on their roster or grabbing someone who can help them win now - perhaps as a replacement for a slumping former star.

Here's a breakdown of the Stash-and-Hope pickups from this week as well as some Help Me Now acquisitions.

Donnie Avery - Picked up in 7 leagues (high price $98)
Greg Camarillo - 17 leagues ($79)
Jamaal Charles - 8 leagues ($95)
Chansi Stuckey - 39 leagues ($292)

Help Me Now
Arnaz Battle - Picked up in 5 leagues ($77)
Isaac Bruce - 3 leagues ($511)
Michael Bush - 21 leagues ($686)
John Carlson - 4 leagues ($241)
Kerry Collins - 15 leagues ($275)
Gus Frerotte - 33 leagues ($278)
Brandon Lloyd - 31 leagues ($325)

Some of those players stepped up with big games in Week 3. Bruce scored for the 49ers, Lloyd caught six passes for 124 yards and a touchdown while Collins and Frerotte played methodical ball in helping the Titans and Vikings win, respectively.

Looking ahead to Week 4, who could our owners be chasing with their remaining free-agent money? Here's a look at some of the potential top targets:

Correll Buckhalter/Lorenzo Booker - potential value picks should Brian Westbrook miss the Sunday night game vs. Chicago.

J.T. O'Sullivan - looking like the real deal as yet another top fantasy QB working with Mike Martz.

Robert Meachem - getting more and more involved and could be a top target in Week 4 if David Patten can't play due to his groin injury.

Bobby Engram - this may be the last chance owners have to grab him since he's expected to return following Seattle's Week 4 bye.

Amani Toomer - quietly flying under the radar again but proving his worth in the National Fantasy Football Championship's Point-Per-Reception format.

LeRon McClain - two games; two productive outings for the Baltimore fullback. He looks legit.

If you're team is struggling, working the free-agent wire is critical to making those necessary improvements. And even if your team is off to a fast start, it never hurts to have plenty of quality depth.

So being aggressive with your in-season moves is paramount to achieving fantasy success. As the games continue, the injuries mount and last year's stars look like this year's reject, how well you work your in-season moves could very well determine whether or not you're sitting on top of your league's standings at the end of the season.

Or in the NFFC, it could determine whether you're the owner who wins the $100,000 grand prize in our two events.

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